The reusable system that simplifies and improves
sustainability throughout the supply chain of FMCGs


Jan, 2020

SRS reduced dioxide emissions by 32,00 tonnes 
In 2019 more than 150 million reusable crates and 8 million reusable pallets were sent out in the Swedish food industry’s common return system. Herby the emissions of carbon dioxide have decreased by as much as 32,000 tonnes.

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A simple idea

Svenska Retursystem develops and operates an efficient reusable system that simplifies and improves our customer's logistics and distribution of goods.

Emissions of carbon dioxide are 74 percent lower with our reusable crates.

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By using our reusable crates and pallets, you are contributing to a sustainable future. The reusable system creates efficiency and reduces your carbon dioxide emissions, improves the working environment and saves time. Reusable crates and pallets ensure that your products stays whole and fresh.

Welcome to the system that improves your business. Over and over again.

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