Our workplaces

Our facilities

At our logistics facilities, we receive the used and dirty crates and pallets. We wash the crates and make a quality control before they are sent out to a food producer again. Broken pallets and crates are repaired.

All our facilities have a carefully selected location to ensure that our pallets and crates are transported as short distances as possible. Today we are located in Helsingborg, Mölnlycke, Västerås and Örebro. Right now, planning and construction of another facility in Vaggeryd is underway. Read more about our individual facilities below.


Helsingborg is where it all started. Our first facility opened here in 2000. The current facility opened in 2015 and is the third facility we have in Helsingborg. It is fully automated and has two floors with a total of 15,000 sq m. 38 people work here in production or with various support functions within SRS.

On the floor in the production department, there are two washing machines for crates and one washing machine for pallets. Helsingborg has the capacity to wash four types of crates at the same time and 9,000 crates per hour. In total, 53 million crates and 1.8 million pallets were washed here in 2021 and 60,000 crates and 13,000 pallets were repaired. Recycling and circular indeed.

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Mölnlycke was built in 2008. 29 employees work here within production and administration. In Mölnlycke, production is running around the clock, 365 days a year. The facility is 7,300 square meters with one wash for crates and one pallet wash on the production floor. The washer for crates is equipped with two lines for cleaning and here 24 million crates were cleaned in 2021. The washer for pallet cleaned 1 million pallets. We take care of our pallets and crates carefully and in 2021 almost 70,000 crates and 14,000 pallets were repaired in Mölnlycke. Completley in accordance with SRS´s circular business model.


At our office in Stockholm we are 35 employees working within central support functions at SRS. Many of us have worked a along time at SRS and know the company on the backs on their hands. All employees works with self-leadership just like the rest of the company.


Our office in Vaggeryd is still just a dirt floor, but a new and modern facility will soon emerge here (2024). In addition to completely new automation, we will also install solar cells on the roof where we hope to be able to produce energy for electric trucks as well and maybe even hydrogen in the future. The facility will have an area of 30,000 square meters and 55 new coworkers will work here.


Västerås is by far our largest facility with its 37,200 sq m. The facility was inaugurated in 2017 but was renovated and built until 2020. In Västerås, 85 people work with production and support functions. In 2021, a competence center was established in Västerås which, among other things, manages SRS's logistics flows and the daily contact with our customers via customer service.
On the production floor, there are three lines of washing automation for crates and one for cleaning pallets, which in 2021 washed 70 million crates and 2.4 million pallets respectively. In the same year, 175,000 crates and 29,000 pallets were repaired here. We care about our crates and pallets and want them to last a long time. The average lifespan of a crate is 15 years.


As a building Örebro is our oldest facility. It was inaugurated in 2002 and 32 people work here in production and various support functions for SRS. The facility for cleaning, mending, control and storage is 5,000 sq m spread over two levels. On the production floor there is one automation for cleaning crates and one for washing pallets, which in 2021 washed 22 million crates and 985,000 pallets respectively. In the same year, over 29,000 crates were also repaired at the facility, all according to SRS's circular business model.

How we work

Our organization is self-governing, which in short means that the organization is managed by all employees together. The company does not have a management team, but we want to build a corporate culture where we develop leadership and collaboration, and where the entire organization takes responsibility and is involved in decision-making.

Most of our operators work in shifts, which means they work intensively for a few days including some night shifts according to a rolling schedule. After that, they are off for several days.


Work with us

We are always searching for new stars. Welcome to read and apply to our open job opportunities.