Hellåda svart fylld med grönsaker på bänk i köket på en restaurang



If you work in a restaurant, you are probably in contact with our reusable crates on a daily basis. Most restaurant wholesalers now deliver fully or partially in the smart crates

The crates simplify your everyday life and there will be significantly less cardboard and other packaging to sort. Once you've emptied the crates, stack and return them to your wholesaler.

The circular system with the crates works thanks to a smart deposit system. The deposit follows the crate along the system, where the recipient always pays SEK 40 per crate. When you send the emptied crates back to your wholesaler, you are credited SEK 40 per crate.

Reduce your food waste

Reducing food waste is an important part for reducing our climate footprint. The ventilated crates help to keep the goods fresh, which increases lifespan. The stable construction also reduces crushing and impact damage to the contents in the crates.

Healthy working environment

Our crates are easy to lift, carry and empty. You don´t have to remove tape, fold empty boxes or use a knife to open boxes.

Te crates do not emit dust and for those who work in a restaurant will have a significantly healthier working environment.

The restaurant´s packaging waste is reduced, and waste sorting takes less time because you don´t have to open and fold cartons.


The crates are covered by a deposit. The deposit follows the crate, which means that when you receive a delivery of goods, you also pay a deposit for the crates.

When you send the crates back, your wholesaler or producer credits the deposit. You do not have to return the crates with the same wholesaler or manufacturer that you got them from.

However, the wholesalers have slightly different systems, make sure you get your deposit back.

Sötpotatis i hellåda svart. Bild från Everfresh