Pooling of crates and pallets

We make the supply chain efficient and sustainable

Our mission is to optimize the food industry's supply chain, We are professionals in the pooling of reusable crates and pallets in the food industry. Pooling is about sharing common resources to maximize benefits and minimize risks for users. We provide approximately 20 million crates and 8 million pallets.

The circle of SRS crates

The crates are used in a cycle between producers, wholesalers, stores and restaurants. Between each loop the crates return to our logistics facilities to be washed, checked and repaired.

Each crate is coated with a deposit which follow the crate through the system.

The faster a crate travels through the system, the better for the environment.

The circle of Half pallets

Our half-pallets rotate between producers, wholesalers and stores. Just like on the crates, a deposit follows the half-pallet.

We have different versions of half pallets that are aimed at different types of industries.

The circle of Full-size pallet Grey

Full-size pallet Grey is used in a cycle between producers, wholesalers, restaurants and stores. As the pallet is not washed after each use, the flows look a little different compared to the crates. The pallets can be forwarded directly from one user to another.

When users send Full-size pallet Grey to their customers, they create a transaction which can be followed at our customer interface Smart Pooling. This gives users control over their balance and flow of pallets.

The circle of Full-size pallet Black

On behalf of The Swedish Brewers Association (Sveriges Bryggerier), we have developed a pallet that is specially manufactured for the supply chain to and from Systembolaget.

The pallet is made from 100 percent recycled material. .

SRS crates and pallets in Europe

Our crates and pallets are also used for importing food to Sweden. We send out empty crates and pallets to producers in Europe who fill the crates with fruit, vegetables, meat and other products and send them to wholesalers in Sweden.

Due to sustainablity reasons we never send crates outside of Europe.