Emissions of carbon dioxide are 78 percent lower with our reusable crates than for disposable packaging. In 2019 we saved the corresponding:


Truck transport from
Ystad to Haparanda


Of constant driving
without interruption


Around the earth with one
  crowded jumbojet

Half of Sweden’s fresh produce deliveries to the grocery retail trade use Svenska Retursystem’s reusable crates. By using reusable crates instead of disposable packaging, the industry reduced its carbon dioxide emissions by 31 900 tonnes during 2019.

Our mission

We rationalise and environmentally adapt flows of goods for the FMCG and the restaurant and institution sector by operating and developing reusable systems.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our Supplier Code of Conduct describes what SRS considers to be appropriate business conduct and hence the ethical and sustainable behaviour that SRS expects from its Suppliers when they provide service on behalf of or supply products to SRS. In addition, all Suppliers are expected to comply with all applicable local and international laws and regulations.

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Svenska Retursystem has an environmental management system that fulfils the requirements of SS-EN ISO 14001 with respect to: Operation and development of pooling system with reusable units for the retail food, restaurant and institutional kitchens industry.

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Sustainability is the essence of our entire business

Our pooling system is based on the principles for circular economy and sustainable growth is the heart of our daily business and operation. Within the company we all share the vision of a sustainable future.

Lower CO2 emissions

Climate-smart: A life cycle analysis from 2016 reveals that reusable crates reduced CO2e emissions by 78 per cent, compared with equivalent disposable packaging.

Reduces food waste

The reusable crate protects the primary packaging from impacts and is sturdy enough to cope with stacking and loading. The design of the reusable crate means that the amount of scrapping and waste is reduced.

Better work environment

A cleaner work environment and less handling of waste. The reusable units do not generate dust or wood chips.

Transport optimization

Lower transportation costs due to pallets light weight - 10 kg less than a Euro-pallet
Optimized return logistics contributes to efficient and environmentally friendly transports.

Reduced amount of chemicals

Reduce environmental impact by using chemicals that neutralise the PH level of washing water.


The use and purchase of electricity is made solely by renewable energy.