Pallar och lådor uppställda på lager.

For users

Thank you for being a part of the SRS pooling system. Together we create a smart and sustainable system.

The pooling system ensures greater efficiency for you. By using our shared crates and pallets, you save money, space and time. And we manage the entire process from delivery to collection, sortation, inspection and sanitization.

Our crates and pallets are shared by all the different business among the Swedish food supply chain, ranging from family-run farms to agricultural enterprises, from small-volume logistics operators to highly automated warehouses, and all the Swedish major supermarket chains and restaurants.

We don’t just provide packaging solutions – we help you reach your sustainable goals, Together we make the food supply chain sustainable.

What does it cost?

Users of SRS reusable crates and half-size pallet pay a user fee and deposit. For Full-size Pallet Grey you pay a daily rent and user fee.

Please contact Customer support for price