Tjej som packar upp från lådor i butik.

Grocery store

Grcery store

If you work in a grocery store you probably come into contact with our pallets and crates on a daily basis and know how effective they are. You don't have to break up cartons and handle packaging waste, and in many cases you can just display the filled reusable crate on the store shelf.

A medium-sized store saves around 160 working hours per year thanks to our pallets and crates. They are also good for ergonomics with easy-to-grip handles that make them easy to lift.

Reduce your food waste

Reducing food waste is an important part for reducing our climate footprint. The ventilated crates help to keep the goods fresh, which increases lifespan. The stable construction also reduces crushing and impact damage to the contents in the crates.

Better working environment

The crates are easy to lift, carry and take out. You don't have to remove tape, fold empty crates or use a knife to open crates

Staplade lådor på lager tillsammans med AGV robot

SRS crates

A stable construction, highly ventilated and standardised for automatic handling in the supply chain, our SRS crates are designed to transport food.

They are reusable over many years and eliminate waste and CO2 emissions.

SRS pallets

Our pallets are standardized and adapted for automatic handling. They are friction-proof and work well in a freezer environment.

They are reusable over many years and eliminate waste and CO2 emissions